HELLO, hi!

How are you guys?

I wanted to throw some MAGIC at you today!

Ever since I was like five years old and learned about drinking ginger ale to help with stomach aches I’ve been insanely obsessed with ginger. I’m the type of person who gets addicted – I try something I like and it’s game over. I see something I want to know more about and the next 48 hours are face-in-my-phone no matter where I am type of research.

Let me give you a quick background story about how I became obsessed with ginger in the first place.

Growing up I had this incredible fear of throwing up (huge HUGE sigh). Everything I did revolved around if I was going to get sick or not. School? Forget it. Grocery store? What if a smell made me nauseous? A car? Way too closed in, it would make my stomach hurt.

YES. That is REAL.

It was constant thoughts all.day.long. Then at night it went from thoughts to panic attacks. I would be so concerned with it that I actually convinced myself I was sick and would full blown panic. It started to become a control issue more than anything, I needed to know I could be in control and if I got sick, well… I couldn’t really be in control.

That one took a minute to get over.

It was intense. But here we are!

We all know that one time your mom gave you ginger ale as a kid because your stomach hurt, right? Yeah well, that stuck with me for life. Except I wanted the natural version… and less calories, you know?

In high school I started researching how to get over the fear, which by the way – the only way to get over it is to get out of your own head – and ginger was always coming up for ways to settle and relax your stomach.

So that was that. Ginger was my new sidepiece. Ginger in my tea, ginger powder in my food, ginger gum in my bag, ginger tablets in my suitcase. Ginger EVERYWHERE.

The thing is, it actually does help settle your stomach. But better yet, it also has numerous other benefits. IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A STOMACH ACHE FIXER.

There is an oily resin found from the root of ginger that is a highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

So instead of using ginger just when I had a stomach issue, I started using it daily. I wanted the benefits all the time and I was so used to the taste that I didn’t have a problem incorporating it into my meals.


+ Stroke and heart disease: anti-blood-clotting ability

+ Nausea : it relaxes the smooth muscle in your gut lining

+ Immunity and respiratory function: boosts that immune system!

+ Reduce arthritis pain

+ May lower cholesterol

+ Helps in weight loss

You can find more here.

Ginger is the magic root you need in your kitchen cabinet TODAY.

I use fresh ginger root and I also use ground ginger for when I’m cooking or super lazy.


+ Fresh ginger cut up into my hot lemon water

+ Fresh ginger cut up or ground ginger into my smoothie

+ Ground ginger in my oatmeal

+ Ground ginger while cooking dinner – it adds a good kick to some dishes! Just don’t over-do it.

How are you guys using it? Let me know!

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