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WELCOME to the new site! I’m going to post this week about the whole deal and where it all came from – but until then, I needed to give you guys my latest read.

The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion By Elle Luna.

I got this book up in Maine one weekend when I was walking around Portland. The second I picked it up I felt the need to buy it, it’s riiiight up my alley. The pictures, drawings, pages and cover are so explosive and eye appealing, you know?

Okay anyway, Elle completely nails it. She basically explains to you how to find your passion, and literally how to follow through with it. I love a book that I can relate to, and I think this one is relatable to everyone in the world. Honestly. It’s so hands on that you get inspired instantly.

It is a super quick read, and you get to fill in your own words on some pages (which I also die over). It’s almost like a journal just for you, while someone else gives you advice. The quotes on some of the pages are super motivational, and her words make you want to start doing what you love RIGHT NOW.

It isn’t one of those blah blah blah go do this because life is short type of reads – it’s legit. If you aren’t ready to get up and leave your job because you have bills to pay and your passion just isn’t going to cut it right now on that end, you shouldn’t call it quits just yet. Work your ass off, get to where you need to be, then do you. She is very real with her readers, which I think we all need sometimes.

You aren’t following someone else’s path and she never makes you feel that way. You aren’t reading how to make money, how to start a business, how to brand yourself, how to how to how to. None of that. It’s more about directing your own though process and figuring your own self out. She gets you writing down what you did as a kid, how you acted, what you enjoyed, and why. She takes you so far back in your own life that you are almost automatically answering what your true passion is.

It’s one of those books where you can go through it a million times, write more things down, and go through it again. I read it at home, but it would be the perfect airport/plane book. You won’t get bored – trust me.

I don’t want to tell too much since it is a short read, so go get the book and pick up a pen while you’re at it.

The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion By Elle Luna.

Any good books for next time? Let a girl know!



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