We all know books are important but I feel like books are EXTRA, REALLY important. Like, REALLY REALLY important. You know? Something people should be doing more… er, I guess?

I posted tips on an insta post on how to get yourself to read more. Having a book in your purse at all times is my favorite tip that is SO STUPID EASY. I pull it out in waiting rooms, when traveling, yada yada you get the point. Don’t just bring it when you’re going somewhere on vacation, bring it everywhere. Pack those bad boys up and off you go to the Trader Joe’s. You just NEVER KNOW.

SO anyway – I’m super into books that teach you something. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Nicholas Sparks novel to get my emotions rawring so I can sob on the flight to my tropical vacay and show up with swollen eyes (is The Choice serious?). But lately I’ve been crazy about books that really get down and dirty with details and get you INSPIRED, you know!?

The ones that teach you shit. Real shit. Life facts. Honest ones that wake you up. No sugar coating and blah blah paragraphs HA.

You put these books down and feel like you just left a therapy session where someone told you every fact about life and you are DOING IT. You are THE STAR of this life!!!!!

Ok, with that – here you go. Get inspired. Learn something.


I know you’ve seen this book, it’s taking over every feed. It’s coming in hot on Instagram. It’s SHINING through it’s bright orange cover everywhere. It is ON FIRE. But have you actually read it? Well uh – good news – it’s just as good as it looks (shocker). SO READ IT. Open up the cover that makes you want to buy it. Mark Manson gives you life in a book, no holding back. He throws scenarios at you that WAKE.YOU.UP. and change how you look at things. Here, take a sneak peak for yourself :

“Highs come in many forms. Whether it’s a substance like alcohol, the moral righteousness that comes from blaming others, or the thrill of some new risky adventure, highs are shallow and unproductive ways to go about one’s life. Much of the self-help world is predicted on peddling highs to people rather than solving legitimate problems. Many self-help gurus teach you new forms of denial and pump you up with exercises that feel good in the short term, while ignoring the underlying issue. Remember, nobody who is actually happy has to stand in from of a mirror and tell himself that he’s happy.”

“Pain, in all of its forms, is our body’s most effective means of spurring action.”

“And this pain, as much as we hate it, is useful. Pain is what teaches us what to pay attention to when we’re young or careless. It shows us what’s good for us versus what’s bad for us. It helps us understand and adhere to our own limitations. It teaches us not to fuck around near hot stoves or stick metal objects into electrical sockets. Therefore, it’s not always beneficial to avoid pain and seek pleasure, since pain can, at times, be life-or-death important to our well-being.”

“At some point, most of us reach a place where we’re afraid to fail, where we instinctively avoid failure and stick only to what is placed in front of us or only what we’re already good at.
This confines us and stifles us. We can be truly successful only at something we’re willing to fail at. If we’re unwilling to fail, then we’re unwilling to succeed.”

Feel inspired already? SAME. He’s the real deal.

 by Sarah Knight

If you want something that is going to REALLY put you in your planning/organizing/getting your life together kind of place, get this book. Sarah is so honest, so real and SO eye opening. She gets down and dirty with her own life details to really show you how to get your shit together. It’s simple to just say it, you know? But she really shows you HOW. I mean, she’s all about details – which I LOVE. I’m a huge detail person and she writes in details. She gives you everything you need to do – down to  actually sitting at your computer, putting your phone away and deleting/unsubscribing from emails you never read. Game changer. You never really think about how much time emails you don’t care about take up, right? I scroll through mine every day just to delete them – but unsubscribing and cleaning my email out gives you this whole different feeling. It’s like you just detoxed your online life and well, uh.. who doesn’t love a detox?

 by Elle Luna

I’ve posted about this book before because it is one you can read and read and re-read a million times. It’s a little different because it isn’t your typical chapter book with stories and all that good stuff – it’s very personal to YOU. Elle gives you pages of inspiration and ways to think about YOURSELF and what your passions are. There are pages where you get to write things down which makes it like an adult coloring book, honestly. You can bring it when traveling or sitting on the beach or even in bed (I brought it everywhere for a good month). It’s perfect for whatever your reading situation may be – pack that baby in your bag and get INSPIRED. She gives you ways to figure out what your true passions are and why. What do you love, what do you want, what should you do? It’s all going to be ok – trust her. A very, very inspirational type of book. HAPPY PASSION FINDING.

by Cat Marnell

This one is actually a memoir, which clearly doesn’t make it a step-by-step guide for you to follow, but my GOODNESS. Cat opens up about her life, like OPENS UP and shakes you to your core. I am putting it in this post and list about books that actually teach you shit because reading her book really wakes you up. You learn more about LIFE. I mean you really learn how some people grow up and make it to where they are. It’s something everyone should read. Truly. One of those jaw dropping, holy shit what the hell type of books.

Any other books you guys would recommend? Always love a new book!

HAPPY READING – I’m off to yoga. SEE YOU ON SNAP. x, krissy