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Where are my bookworms?

Whether you’re striving to be one, have always been one, are one sometimes but other times are just totally not, join me – seriously.

I’ve been a huge fan of reading my entire life, which you may have picked up through my blog posts if you’ve been here for awhile. When I was younger, it was always Barnes & Noble over any other store, which my mom adored. The library was one of my favorite places – and books overflowed my bedside table. It is just something that I’ve always loved doing. That and writing.

The smell of a new book is something I can’t describe – which might sound strange, right? I have never been able to read on tablets, I never got the books online in college to study from, I needed the pages to hold in my hands and the words fresh and ready to be highlighted. I liked the idea of being hands on, and I still do. There is just something about a book printed on paper.

So, you can imagine what my weekend getaway bags look like.

Send me on a vacation with a few books for a week and I’ll finish them by the time I’m home. I read fast, and when I have the time, I read all day long. Lately, however, I’ve been slacking. I’m trying to get back into the bookworm stage because Instagram scrolling and late night movies become addicting, so I figured I’d write about it as well and include you guys. Books are hoarded in my apartment right now, most likely with dust on them. Every type of genre, just waiting to be opened. I read everything – literally. Fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, novels, mysteries, whatever you throw at me, I’ll pick it up and try to get into it. I’m not saying I love every single book I read, but I try to keep an open-mind to different genres and ideas (it’s the best way to learn, I swear). Writing about it will motivate me to pick up the book instead of my phone when I hit the sheets at night.

And I want you in on this.

Join me, tell me what you’re reading, what I should read next, or how you get back into reading more. Anything – I love new ideas and tips.

The first book I’m chipping away at is Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner. I’m almost done and I can’t express to anyone enough how in love I am with every page. Unfortunately, I have had a bookmark inserted in this book for far too long, getting caught up in life. Which, in my mind, is no excuse. Phone down, books up. So, I’ll be finishing very soon and then I’ll be right back here to discuss it with you guys. If you haven’t – get on Amazon, add to cart, complete your order, start reading (or use your tablet, whatever works). I’ll see you back here in a few weeks to tell me your thoughts…