it’s good for you: bee pollen

it's good for you: bee pollenPIN IT!

I have this thing for honey and bee pollen.

NOT just because they are good for you and everyone is supposed to love them, but because they bring ACTUAL results to your health. I’ll explain.

Bees are talented little things, for real. Just forget about the fact that you’re probably afraid of them for a minute (and if you are allergic – really sorry for this post) but think about HOW MUCH goodness they bring to us. There are numerous veggies and fruits that depends on bees for pollination – so hello bees, thanks.

Honey has always been on the top of my list, just a pure natural life saver… basically. BUT, have you hopped on the bee pollen bandwagon yet?

If not, please do. Again – unless you are allergic to bees, then talk to your doctor first.


This stuff is honestly magic – my favorite smoothie ingredient at the moment.

Why? GLAD YA ASKED. Let me break it down for you real quick.

bee pollen contains almost all of the nutrients required by the human body

vitamins B, C, D AND E

it is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and protein

a natural allergy relief

reduces inflammation

an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral

boosts the immune system

[find more via this article]

it's good for you: bee pollenPIN IT!

Did that not awaken your soul a little bit? All of those benefits?

I started using bee pollen because I have horrible allergies. I’ve grown up trying everything and anything to get rid of them – finally changing my diet a good amount (deleting dairy, reducing wheat, etc.) and seeing major results. And I now add bee pollen to my diet to really take the health benefits up a notch.

When I was researching all about bee pollen and allergies, if found so many more benefits.

There were even experts that said bee pollen may be a great stress reliever since it improves circulation. Think about it like a massage. When you get one, your increasing your blood flow and freeing up tension which will help to reduce stress. Bee pollen is our natural blood flow increaser.


a spoonful in my smoothies

sprinkled on-top of toast with ghee or honey

on-top of my smoothie bowls

on avocado or in salads

I buy my bee pollen on Amazon  or at Moon Juice.

Off to Whole Foods to grab more goodness-health-guide products, MY FAV.

See you on insta and snap, babes!

x, krissy