Krissy McNeill is a blogger, writer and the creative force behind The Capree Journal.

The brand came to life when Krissy was searching for a creative outlet, a place for the brand to stand while sharing musings all women can relate to; to empower and inspire those who want to live for themselves the best way they possibly can, those who want to find their true inner and outer beauty. And there is no better way to find that inner strength than through designing your best life while naturally beautifying your body.

Krissy’s mission is to show you that remaining unique to yourself will take you where you want to be, that inner beauty reflects outer beauty and green smoothies go a long way. She is obsessed with things that are good for you, believing that they can change how you feel all around.

So, for the beautiful souls inside and out, with your bomb-ass spray tan, green smoothie and all. This is for you.

 Feel free to contact Krissy anytime at with any questions or just to say hi.