HELLO hello! Coffee time - duh. I usually drink my coffee black, but there is that rare occasion where I like to spice things up and make it more of a latte. Add some almond milk to a hot coffee and BOOM you are barista of the year in your k[...]

You don’t need a plan

You know what they say - you make plans and you hear God laughing. I have never been a huge planner, I was always the one to say "it's way too early to be talking about Saturday" and sometimes I'm still that annoying person. I hate plans, hon[...]


A quick way to spice up your morning routine with some fruit.. and more fruit. I know what people say about too much fruit and all the (natural) sugar in it - totally get that - but honestly, I could eat fruit all day long. I have my thoughts[...]

Assume less, do more

People are very quick to assume, you know? I think it's just the world we live in and that's that. I used to catch myself doing it here and there, the whole assuming thing. I won't lie about that - I mean, we have probably ALL assumed stuff m[...]

Shit, I think we got it all wrong

Some day, one day, maybe a day that already happened for some, we might look at ourselves in the mirror and say 'shit, I got it all wrong'. Or 'I'm getting it all wrong'. Maybe we will think it. Maybe we will say it when no one is around.[...]

Some sort of yoga

Only a few weeks ago I turned 25. Just 25, young still. Healthy, energized and passionate about many things. 25 with an amazing family, a boyfriend I consider my soulmate, friends who fill my heart, a dog who gets excited every.single.time I w[...]